My New CraftyNinja Lair

We recently moved across the country, so I had an opportunity to reorganize my Crafty NInja Lair! With pride I announce that this is the first room in the house to be completely put together. Priorities…priorities. 🙂 If nothing else, I needed a nice and organized space to escape the madness of moving boxes!

My rainbow thread and new embroidery machine, the Designer Epic! My two new 6ft tables are the perfect work spaces for each of my machines.
The room had a weird nook in the back corner. We installed closet rods in order to hang my fabric collection. I like the easy physical and visual access. The narrow space between the nook and the closet was perfect for a stack of ArtBin cubes. They are secured to the wall using L-brackets.
Cutting station and design board. I’d like to mount a design board on the wall, since it likes to slide down. Also, this is why I made a new cover for my board. It was sitting right there…staring at me with its sad dots.
My Designer Epic dwarfs my Designer Ruby, but they play well together. 🙂


For good measure, here is a picture of the “before.”

This was the madness of moving boxes in the room.

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