Stabilizer Organizer

I am thrilled any time I can combine art with functionality, which is exactly what my new stabilizer organizer is!

I found the idea and pattern here:

There were some minor changes that I made that seemed to work well for my situation.

First, I used designs that I already had in my embroidery file library. I found them at Embroidery Library on sale a while back and couldn’t resist. This was the perfect spot to display them!

Second, I used very heavy weight Pellon Peltex 71F stabilizer that was fusible on one side. It makes a wonderfully sturdy backing! Because it was so sturdy, I did a traditional quilt binding instead of the envelope method used in the pattern.

Third, I only used 4 pockets (instead of 5). Quite honestly, I didn’t understand the directions regarding how the pockets were supposed to be attached to the backing. In the end, I pinned them on allowing some sagging to hold the stabilizer rolls and then tested them with the actual roles of stabilizer. For ease of stitching, I added binding along the top of the pocket so I could stitch it to the backing more easily. The bottom of the pocket was secured using a zigzag stitch (width 4.0, length 2.5). See the below picture and caption for measurement details.

I used my 8.5″ wide ruler to sketch parallel lines on the front to aid in pocket placement. The second ruler trick was applied to ensure it was centered. Regarding measurements, I ended up drawing lines to indicate placement of the Top and Bottom of the pockets. The Bottom of the pocket was aligned 6″ below the top of the same pocket. The next pocket’s top was placed 5.5″ below the stitch line for the bottom edge of the pocket. (See the bottom right picture in the set above for the visual.)
Details of the hanging tabs. They were stitched into the binding, then top-stitched before the binding was folded over and top-stitched itself.

Other Notes:
– Machine: Designer Epic (embroidery), Designer Ruby (assembly)
– Stabilizer: 1 layer of medium-weight fusible cutaway (which I left in)
– Needle: 75/11 Embroidery (Inspira)
– Tension: default using traditional system on Epic (deLuxe system not working)
– Hoop: 120mm x 120mm
– Software: Premier+ Embroidery Extra
– Applique: no


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