Epic Problem with my Designer Epic

Update (October 4, 2016): The service center fixed the issue as noted in the original post (August 10, 2016) with the deLuxe system; however, not even a couple weeks after it was returned, buttons to the left of the needle would sporadically go unresponsive. Eventually, it got more temperamental and got stuck on the start-up screen as well. I exchanged this particular unit for a new unit, which works beautifully — except for the fact that a small spring broke on the auto needle threader and now THIS one needs to be sent for service. It’s a minor issue, so I’ll wrap up some projects and send it in when I know my sewing and crafting will be in a lull.


My Designer Epic has a problem. It was apparent from the start, and some troubleshooting has narrowed down the issue. From what I understand, the store where I got my machine has now had 3 machines (including mine) that have the problem. If, by chance, someone out there in the worldwide web is experiencing issues with their machine, hopefully this post will help provide some insight and reassure you that it is not user error and you are not alone.

The Problem: Stitch quality was horrible when embroidering. There was extensive looping of the upper thread causing the machine to frequently produce the pop-up message “Check Upper Thread.”

Testing: I ran several tests of the same embroidery design testing several variables, including deLuxe system off/on, thread new/old, spool orientation vertical/horizontal, and thread nets on/off. See images below for examples.

Conclusion: There is something wrong with the deLuxe stitch system since the quality of embroidery is best with it OFF.

Proposed Solution: The service experts suspect that the deLuxe stitch system is not hooked up properly on the inside of the machine.

My machine just got sent off for service, so hopefully the proposed solution holds true when the services folks get inside the machine to do the fix. …. and I really hope that this is the only time I need services on this machine! It’s a little disconcerting especially since I have had it less than a month.

Epic Problem Test (front): For flowers 2, 6 and 7, the deLuxe system was turned off. For the rest, it was turned on, and each flower experienced looping (number 1 was OK, but that was the first design stitched of the session and it went downhill from there).
Epic Problem Test (back). The looping and tension issue is quite apparent from the back of the embroidery. Number 5 was incredibly frustrating, experiencing NINE (9) pop-up messages in 1,100 stitches.
Flower Close-up (#3). The pink thread is began to loop along the left side, and eventually produced the pop-up message by the top (12 o’clock position).
Flower Close-up (#3) showing the looping thread from the side angle.



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