Rad Melted Crayon Ninja Pants and Star Wars Top

My new friend Katherine has introduced me to the wild and wide world of custom knits, then subsequently shown me the awesomeness of serging, and now I’m totally hooked! My first project was a pair of Ninja Pants using  the 5 out of 4 Pattern Ninja Pants pattern and really neat Rad Melted Crayon custom knit fabric from MK*Designs.

I also made my shirt, a basic raglan by Halla Patterns called the Soho Top. The damask droids and rainbow stars are custom knits by KNITorious.  Since the first comment that anyone has made on the shirt is, “I want to color in the droids,” our next task is to color in the droids using fabric markers.



Ninja Pants in a Jersey Performance Knit

Settings using the Bernina 1300 MDC
– Serging: stitch no. 2 (3-thread super stretch), cut width = 1
– Coverstitch: stitch no. 22 (3-thread coverstitch, wide).

Pattern notes
– Pants: I made the leggings longer and then tried them on to mark where I wanted them. I was concerned that the 25″ length would be too short. It is probably just right, but I didn’t want to risk it with my Rad Crayon fabric. I used the medium rise option as well.
– Pants: Elastic was added to the waistband of the Rad Crayon leggings, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The gray pants felt like they hugged enough (some sliding down though, but not bad).
– Pants: I used the optional gusset in the Rad Crayon leggings, but it was time-consuming and I had issues catching the fabric (Katherine bailed me out big time with this part!). For the gray ninja pants, we were looking for a quick stitch and skipped the gusset. No major differences felt and for the effort, I would recommend skipping it. The jersey performance knit was a dream to work with!
– Top: consider making the tunic extra long so a bottom waistband isn’t needed; it would save construction time.
– Top: the neckband will need to be stretched to fit, unlike what the pattern says.
– Top: based on my measurements, I used the 6/8 pattern size for the bust and hips, then graded down to halfway between the 6/8 and the 2/4 size for the hips. I could have graded down more, and I probably will for the next one.


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