Coffee with Pops-6430-2Hi! Thanks for checking out my site!

My creative outlet takes the form of many crafts: sewing/embroidery/quilting, paper-crafting, baking, and photography (check out SnapshotNinja).

I use Premier+ Ultra Embroidery Software to draw the designs that I stitch out on my Husqvarna Designer Ruby or Designer Epic embroidery machines. I can use “Ruby ” and “Eve” for both embroidery and sewing. Absolutely maximizing my creative output! Yeah!

If you happen to notice a lull in my posting frequency, do not dismay!! I often get distracted by other things, and when I do get back to the CraftyNinja projects, I usually have quite the spurt of productivity. Please follow my blog so you can be immediately notified of any new posts! Thanks!! 🙂