Here are all the posts for the Cowboy Boots Wall-Hanging project (the most recent one on top). This project is a wedding a gift for my cousin. Her wedding was 2 Jun 12, and I was on track for getting it completed with time to spare, until I broke my elbow. Unfortunately, it was not ready for her wedding, but since I’m seeing her over the holidays, I will get to give it to her (and her husband) in person! (I wasn’t able to make it to her wedding.) The fabric for this project is just incredible, and I really love how it turned out!

1 Dec 12: Completed!
boots - completed

18 Oct 12: Quilted
boots quilted

31 Mar 12: Backing Fabric Selection
26 Mar 12: Line Dancing – Assembling the Rows
25 Mar 12: Seeing Stars
10 Jan 12: Boots! – Check out these points!

8 Jan 12: Boots! – Pin It

8 Jan 12: Boots! – Assembling the Stars

7 Jan 12: Boots! – Oops

17 Dec 11: Boots! – The First Star

16 Dec 11: Boots! – Bits of Stars

29 Nov 11: Boots – Star Selection

27 Nov 11: Boots – Center block assembled!

25 Nov 11: Boots – Border Decision

25 Nov 11: Boots – Pieces

2 Nov 11: Boots! Shimmer Shots

29 Oct 11: Boots! – The Test Block

19 Oct 11:Boots!


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