Here are my finished projects!

Peacock Appliscape for Amanda and Andrew (finished 14 May 10)
Peacock Appliscape – back
Left: Window Pillow (3 Jan 10) — Right: pieced top (5 Dec 09)
Hibiscus Pillow – Yarn Couching (8 Apr 10)
Crazy Music Wall-hanging (13 Mar 10)
Ornament 1 – Free-standing lace
Ornament 2 – Free-standing Lace
Ornament 3 – Free-standing lace

2 thoughts on “Sewing & Quilting

  1. kate says:

    Hi – I LOVE your nintendo quilt! i have a son who would love one! Would you consider selling your applique files? I have a husq. viking. and have been looking for some appliques. Thanks.
    Kate Gilmour

    1. craftyninja says:

      Wow, thanks for the huge compliment! 🙂 much appreciated!

      I’ve been looking into the legalities of selling said applique files, but for the most part, I’m worried that I would potentially be violating copyright. Since I’m making them for my personal use, I wasn’t worried about it. Selling them might open a can of worms that I’m not very familiar with though. So, at this point (unfortunately), I’m not ready to list them for sale. Fan art, from what I’ve read, is a grey area. If you (or anyone) knows where more specific guidance is on this subject, I’d be glad to hear about it. 🙂


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