As I continue to learn and play with my 5D Professional Embroidery software, I will make 6.5″ (unfinished) squares of either machine embroidered or appliqued characters and items from Nintendo (particularly Mario Kart).

Lightning Bolt (8 Jan 16)

Red Mushroom (7 Jan 16)

Updated Layout (6 Jan 16)
2016-01-04 WGR v3 nintendo_quilt_top

Yoshi Applique (5 Jan 16)

Fire Flower (4 Jan 16)

Yoshi Egg (3 Jan 16)

Ghosty 3 (3 Jan 16)

Piranha (2 Jan 16)

Fake Item Box (1 Jan 16)

Penguins (16 Oct 12)

Yoshi Mini Quilt (15 Oct 12)

Another Ghosty (10 Mar 12)

Sneak Peek (9 Mar 12)

Bullet Bill (8 Mar 12)

Ghosty (7 Mar 12)

The Red Green Shell (5 Mar 12)
red shell

Goomba (3 Mar 12)

Ba-Bomb (2 Mar 12)

Layout and Fabric Selection (20 Feb 12)
nintendo_quilt_top-20feb12 - fixed
Star Power
(19 Feb 12)

More Nintendo designs (23 Jan 12)

A whole bunch of new designs…
(22 Jan 12)

“Ghosty” (King Boo) (31 Dec 11)

Yoshi (31 Dec 11)


2 thoughts on “Nintendo Quilt

    1. craftyninja says:

      I’ve been looking into the legalities of selling the applique files, but for the most part, I’m worried that I would potentially be violating copyright. Since I initially made them for my personal use, I wasn’t worried about it. Selling them might open a can of worms that I’m not very familiar with though. So, at this point (unfortunately), I’m not ready to list them for sale. Fan art, from what I’ve read, is a grey area. If you (or anyone) knows where more specific guidance is on this subject, I’d be glad to hear about it. 🙂 Also, I’m not quite done with all the designs I want to digitize, and it would be nice to put them all together as a design pack if it makes sense to sell them at some point.


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